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The Rabbit Man
1. His physical background

The Rabbit male's overall physical appearance bears the mark of discreteness. There is nothing about him that shocks or catches the eye nothing, in fact, that goes counter to his natural desire to keep a low profile. The only thing remarkable is that people hardly remark this man when they pass him. On closer examination one may simply say he is mild-mannered, somewhat effeminate, with an usually, sedate behavior and a patrician, gentlemanlike demeanor but all this cannot obviously be viewed as very distinctive characteristics.

His features are regular and rather delicate, his forehead fairly high, his nose straight and moderately long. His voice is neutral, monotonous. His small mouth and thin lips, together with his bright, searching eyes, constitute the only noticeable elements on his face.

He is generally of medium height if not somewhat short. Slender, supple, he walks briskly and nimbly, exhibiting his natural gift for dancing. Despite his firm muscles, which however tend to slacken rapidly from the age of fifty onwards, he looks more like an absent-minded professor than a manual worker and never has the aspect of an athlete or sportsman.

1.His physical background
2.His psychological makeup
3.His productive capacities
4.His love behavior

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