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The Ox Man
1. His physical background

The Buffalo man is generally of medium height, stocky, with a thick skeletal structure and powerful muscles. With age, his abdomen tends to become more pronounced, and the use of suspenders may prove necessary. But despite his seemingly heavy appearance, a lack of grace is not evident; his gait is light and precise, bordering on agility, and he has a gift for dancing. His hands are relatively small, his feet slightly pointed outward.

It is not always easy to guess what this man feels or thinks as his round face is expressionless and there is a blank stare in his wide-open eyes. A round nose, a high forehead, a swarthy complexion, abundant hair, fleshy lips and a thick neck an indication of sensuality, it seems are usually associated with this sign. People rightly say the Buffalo male is a tactile; he always feels the need to touch, palpate, manipulate everything within his reach, like a child exploring the world around him. Attributed with extraordinary manual dexterity, he dotes on tinkering with his hands whenever circumstances permit it. His voice is deep, husky, warm, full of poise and authority.

1.His physical background
2.His psychological makeup
3.His productive capacities
4.His love behavior

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