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L'ABBÉ, PIERRE (Water Rat)
L'HERMITTE, Thierry (Fire Rooster)
LA'TOUR, Georges-de (Water Snake)
LADD, Alan (Water Ox)
LADY, Diana (Metal Ox)
LAFFONT, Patrice (Earth Rabbit)
LAFFONT, Robert (Fire Dragon)
LAFFONT, Jean-Loup (Metal Dragon)
LAFONT, Bernadette (Earth Dragon)
LAFONT, Pauline (Water Rabbit)
LAFORET, Marie (Earth Rabbit)
LAGUILLER, Arlette (Metal Dragon)
LAHAYE, Jean-Luc (Water Dragon)
LAI, Francis (Water Monkey)
LALANE, Francis (Earth Dog)
LALONDE, Brice (Fire Dog)
LAMA, Serge (Water Goat)
LAMARTINE, Alphonse de (Metal Dog)
LAMBERT, Christophe (Fire Rooster)
LAMY, André (Water Tiger)
LANCASTER, Burt (Water Ox)
LANDEAU, Martin (Water Rooster)
LANG, Jack (Earth Rabbit)
LANG, Fritz (Metal Tiger)
LANOUX, Victor (Fire Rat)
LANVIN, Gérard (Metal Tiger)
LARA, Catherine (Wood Rooster)
LAUPER, Cindy (Wood Goat)
LAVANANT, Dominique (Wood Monkey)
LAVIL, Philippe (Fire Pig)
LAVILLIERS, Bernard (Fire Dog)
LAVOINE, Marc (Water Tiger)
LAVOISIER, Antoine (Water Pig)
LAW, Jude (Water Rat)
LAZURE, Gabrielle (Fire Rooster)
LE'FORESTIER, Maxime (Earth Ox)
LE'LURON, Thierry (Water Dragon)
LE'PEN, Jean Marie (Earth Dragon)
LEBLANC, Matt (Fire Goat)
LECLERCQ, Evelyne (Metal Rabbit)
LECONTE, Henri (Water Rabbit)
LECOQ, Yves (Fire Dog)
LEE, Bruce (Metal Dragon)
LEE, Christopher (Water Dog)
LEE, Spike (Fire Rooster)
LEE CURTIS, Jamie (Earth Dog)
LEE LEWIS, Jerry (Wood Pig)
LEFEBVRE, Jean (Water Dog)
LEIGH, Vivien (Water Ox)
LELOUCH, Claude (Water Monkey)
LEMMON, Jack (Wood Ox)
LEMPER, Ute (Water Rabbit)
LENDL, Ivan (Metal Rat)
LENIN, Nikolai (Metal Horse)
LENNON, John (Metal Dragon)
LENNOX, Annie (Wood Horse)
LENORMAN, Gérard (Wood Monkey)
LEONARD, Herbert (Fire Pig)
LEOTARD, Philippe (Metal Dragon)
LEOTARD, François (Water Horse)
LEPERS, Julien (Earth Ox)
LESCURE, Pierre (Wood Rooster)
LESSEPS, Ferdinand de (Wood Ox)
LETTERMAN, David (Fire Pig)
LEVI STRAUSS, Claude (Earth Monkey)
LEVY, Bernard Henri (Earth Rat)
LEWIS, Jerry (Fire Tiger)
LI, Jet (Water Rabbit)
LINCOLN, Abraham (Earth Dragon)
LINDBERGH, Charles (Metal Ox)
LINE, Ginie (Wood Tiger)
LIO, (Water Tiger)
LISZT, Franz (Metal Goat)
LIU, Lucy (Fire Goat)
LOEB, Caroline (Wood Goat)
LOLLOBRIGIDA, Gina (Earth Dragon)
LOMBARD, Carole (Earth Monkey)
LONDON, Jack (Wood Pig)
LOPEZ, Jennifer (Metal Dog)
LOREN, Sophia (Wood Dog)
LUCAS, Georges (Wood Monkey)

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