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Symbol: Lion
Ruler: Sun
Colour: Gold, orange
Metal: Gold
Gem: Ruby

If your birthday is today, you are a Leo.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion. Leo is a Fire sign, creative and grandiose.
Just like the Sun is the center of our planetary system, Leos see themselves as the center of all life. There is no sign in the Zodiac more proud or regal. Like their symbol the Lion, Leos rule majestically over their respective kingdoms, be they an entire nation, an office, or simply a household.

The horoscope have been from the very beginning a tool for the study of individuality. Without relating the motions of the heavenly bodies to a specific time and place on Earth, you have no personal indication at all, only a general one that applies to everyone on the planet born on a particular day.

Individual astrology is not merely a study of what will happen to people in the course of their lives. It is the study of the whole human life and everything about it: birth, childhood, relationships throughout life, self-image, the images projected onto others, the calling (in both the highest and most mundane sense of the word), feelings, and the patterns of energy that one generates around oneself.


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